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10 South Main Street
Marshall, NC


Marshall Container Co. is equal parts neighborhood pub, artist's studio, and production facility.  We make ceramic housewares, among other things, and serve up craft beer and snacks while we're at it.  Located in the lush mountains of Western North Carolina quirky downtown Marshall, NC just outside of Asheville.


Rough Draught

Rough Draught is an experimental community research and lecture series featuring deep thoughts on a theme


Join us for Rough Draught No. 14 on Saturday, November 10, 2018
as we discuss ideas and research inspired by the theme: In + Out

Think you might want to give a presentation?  Email us at

No. 13 // Discipline + Punishment

Frank Lombardo, The Panopticon
Andy Carlson, Thoughts Matter. Choose Wisely.
Dasha Alexander, Heart Rate Variability and Effective Communication
Luc Gay, Weaving Word Webs in the Wilderness

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Allison Welder, Intuitive Heart
David Hughes, Thinking Fast and Slow
Michael Alexander, Intent Modulates Intuition
Asia Suler, Wild Stallions and Becoming Human Once More

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Morgan Santander, The Elusive Wisdom of Our Collective Unconscious
Sarah Murphy, Think Like a Forest
Nathan Buchanan, A Thread in the Weave Are We

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No. 10 // Alone + Together

Cera McGinn, The Elusive Wisdom of Our Collective Unconscious
Janet Kent, Think Like a Forest
Lisa Shoemaker, A Thread in the Weave Are We
Susan Merrill, Paths of a Lifetime

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No. 9 // unsung heroes

Adam Knapp, Connecting the Waters of Unsung Heroes
Dave Meesters, A Heroic Attempt at Paradise
Rachel Sinex, Seeking the Reasons Why
Rob Pulleyn, Of Doors and Tomatoes

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No. 8 // Winning + Losing

Stephanie Davis, Winning by Default
Jim Tibbetts, Winners and Losers Then and Now

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Colby Sexton, Say Hello to Our Reptilian Overlords
David Hughes, The Piltdown Man
Lauren Sexton, Lies and How to Spot Them
Nathan Buchanan, We Believe the Stories We Were Told

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No. 6 // This + That

Korey Hampton, Happiness: Seek and You May Never Find
Graeme Frelick, Emotional Intelligence
Richard Benson, In Defense of Getting Lost

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No. 5 // Men + WOmen

David Hughes, Angler Fish and the Purpose of Man
Colby Sexton, Gender and Stereotyping in Advertising
Francesco Lombardo, Unseen Proximities of Digital Depression
Tom Graves, The Population Curve and People's Obligation

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No. 4 // Birth + Death

Patti Waltz, Embracing the Sacredness of Death
West of Roan, Balads
Nathan Buchanan, Birthing and Dying: Stories of Human Experience
Heather Wall, Transformation Through Birth
Kate Amberg, Death: Acknowledging Grief

percussion by Jor Sutton
with contributions from David Hughes, Polly Bolding, and Joel Friedman

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Polly Bolding, Write This Word on Your Hand
Nathan Buchanan, Mountain Dialect 101
Joel Friedman, Improv Ad Hoc Fallacies

percussion by Jor Sutton

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David Hughes, Energy and End Use
Polly Bolding, How We Work
Richard Benson, 5 German Nouns

with appearances by Nancy Dagley and Cera McGinn
percussion provided by Jor Sutton

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No. 1 // Courage + The Unknown

Ben Smith, 5 Keys to a Successful Presentation
Cathy Guthrie, How to Live a Passionate Life
Jerry Burns, 21 Days
Francesco Lombardo III, Foucault's History of Sexuality
David Hughes, Transfinite Math

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